Sautéed Swiss chard with lemon zest

December 5, 2012

Sautéed Swiss Chard with Lemon Zest

Swiss chard is probably the most commonly used leafy green for sautéing. And that’s for good reasons: Swiss chard is incredibly delicious when wilted and it adapts itself to many different types of dishes.

One drawback though, is that its stalks are fibrous and firm, and need a longer cooking time than the green leaves. So most of the time, the leaves are torn from the stalks and used on their own.

Although I always save the discarded stalks for making stocks, I also love cooking with them because they’re actually quite flavorful. It requires a two-step process: cubing (or slicing) the stalks and sautéing them on their own until tender; then adding the green leaves to the pan and sautéing them until just wilted.

This method of cooking Swiss chard guarantees that both parts of the vegetable are cooked to perfection and brings a delicious twist to a simple dish. The cubed stalks add a bit of texture to the dish, the wilted leaves impart their inherent earthiness and the lemon zest brightens every mouthful.

Juienned lemon zest

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Sautéed Swiss Chard with Lemon Zest

The sautéed Swiss chard is superb in these individual Swiss chard gratins with breadcrumbs

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