Parmesan tart dough

December 14, 2012

Parmesan tart dough

For the last 25 years, my food processor has been one of my most trusted and reliable kitchen tools. Attempting to cook without it is truly debilitating.

This beloved kitchen whiz is great for making sauces like pesto, liquefying soups or coulis, and slicing pounds of carrots in a flash… but it’s also a magic tool for making the most perfect tart dough.

This Parmesan tart dough is my basic crust for savory tarts. I created this recipe many years ago, when I discovered that making tart dough with my new food processor would forever banish crafting it by hand – what a relief!

This tart dough is not only easy to make (and foolproof!), it’s incredibly crumbly and light – making your savory tarts as delicate as they could possibly be.

Here’s a lovely savory tart: Leek tart with cured olives and aged Gruyère

Reggiano Parmesan

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Parmesan tart dough

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