Pan-fried rosemary infused oil

January 18, 2013

Pan-fried rosemary infused oil

This simple, yet extremely flavorful infused oil is a great condiment to have on hand. Drizzle it on soups, roasted vegetables, or grilled chicken or fish. You can also dip crusty bread right into it – absolutely mouthwatering!

Pan-roasting the rosemary makes the herb’s distinctive aroma intensify and saturate the olive oil. But as olive oil loses its flavor quickly when heated, the rosemary is sautéed in just a small amount of the precious olive oil. The balance of the oil is infused after the rosemary has been cooked; thus preserving the oil’s green, fresh flavors and turning out an infusion that’s even more pungent.

It’s the small details that can add so much to a dish, and this infused oil will elevate anything you drizzle it on to another level of deliciousness.

Recipe: Winter vegetable minestrone with cannellini beans and farro

Rosemary sprigs

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Pan-fried rosemary infused oil

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