Homemade Meyer lemon liqueur (Limoncello)

February 21, 2013

Homemade Meyer lemon liqueur (Limoncello)

There’s something old-fashioned about sipping a glass of liqueur after a meal, especially when the liqueur happens to be homemade!

For centuries liqueurs were made to preserve, let’s say, a harvest of plump raspberries, green walnuts or sunny lemons. But it’s a craft that has been almost forgotten by the modern cook.

As old-fashioned as it might be, it’s incredibly rewarding to make your own liqueurs. Although you will need a little patience for them to infuse, liqueurs are astonishingly easy to prepare.

Meyer lemons are one of my most treasured fruits and I’ll admit that I can never get enough of them. So when the season starts winding down, it’s time to roll up my sleeves and preserve a taste of the harvest. It’s time to make Limoncello!

This recipe calls for Meyer lemons but, of course, you can substitute regular lemons in their place. And if you want to capture the fruits’ liveliness, make sure to get the freshest lemons you can lay your hands on.

Happy liqueur making!

Meyer lemon peels

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Homemade Meyer lemon liqueur-Limoncello

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