Pickled shallots with fresh thyme

May 7, 2013

Pickled shallots with fresh thyme
Onions have a sharp and unpleasant bite when eaten raw—and even though shallots are milder than their bulbous cousins, they too taste quite strong when consumed uncooked. Pickling shallots solves this unfortunate problem; it allows them to retain their lovely crunch but subdues their pungent flavor.

Here shallots are pickled in Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar, fresh thyme and chili peppers for an added kick. They are perfect for salads, but they’re also delicious in sandwiches or as a condiment. The best part, of course, is that making a batch only takes minutes and it can be refrigerated for up to a month… although in this household it never lasts that long.

Happy pickling!

IMG_3963 Shallots

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Pickled shallots with fresh thyme

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