Charred broccolini with buffalo mozzarella and honey-roasted grape tomatoes-shaved jalapeños

Unlike regular fresh mozzarella, which is on the firmer side, buffalo mozzarella is incredibly moist. In fact, it totally falls apart the minute you slice it. And it’s exactly what makes this dish so mouthwatering.

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Fava bean, sweet pea and asparagus salad with goat-milk ricotta and chive citronette

“Spring on a plate”… a perfect way to describe this salad, both in look and taste! The “greenness” of the fava beans, sweet peas and asparagus comes through not only in the color of the spring veggies, but in their flavor, too…. and the chive citronette is a perfect complement to this greenness. To contrast all that, the medley of vegetables is served with a spread of creamy homemade goat-milk ricotta. Then the whole dish is finished with a drizzle of Meyer lemon-infused oil – fragrant and only mildly lemony.

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Artichokes with chive vinaigrette

In the spring and fall, when artichokes are at their freshest (and meatiest!), not a week goes by that I don’t make this simple dish – a fantastic way to savor the delicate flesh of artichokes.

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Tuscan kale and purple potato croquettes with feta and harissa dip

Succulent sautéed kale, sweet purple potatoes and salty feta make the most delicious, and colorful, croquettes! The chewiness of the kale is a perfect contrast to the soft texture of the potatoes. Served with a spicy harissa dip, these savory croquettes make a stunning and massively flavorful hors d’oeuvre or appetizer.

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Roasted Belgian endives with citrus-pine nut vinaigrette and tarragon

Belgian endives are the daintiest members of the chicory family – not only because of their almost translucent pale leaves, but also because of their delicate flavor. Yes, the signature bitterness of all chicories is present, but it’s a slight one… one that can truly be relished.

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