Gai'A - Assyrtiko Wild Ferment 2011

The picturesque Greek island of Santorini is world-famous for its limpid, turquoise waters, its breathtaking views, its white-washed villages perched atop vertiginous cliffs, and its volcano, which has shaped the island’s history in dramatic ways.

But there’s another thing Santorini boasts: a noble white grape known as Assyrtiko – a grape as distinct as the island that hosts it.

To say that growing conditions in Santorini are good for vines would be an understatement; they are, in fact, ideal. Volcanic, porous soil that is, to this day, phylloxera-free; an unsurpassed amount of sunshine during the growing season; sea mists that are the only moisture the vines get all summer long; low-yielding root stocks, some more than 80 years old – these are some of the unique conditions that help create rare and precious wines.

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