Pullman toasts with carrot jam and triple crème cheese

Every time I serve these toasts, my guests think they’ll be eating smoked salmon… until they take the first bite! The aromatic carrot jam, paired with the luxurious cheese, is so delightful that no one misses the salmon here. Instead, disbelief and glee are painted on everyone’s face while they reach for another toast.

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Bruschetta with fresh goat cheese and shaved asparagus

Asparagus are wonderful roasted, sautéed (especially with a pat of butter), braised or even puréed in soups — but they’re also delicious raw!

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Four ingredients: bread, ricotta, honey and salt – the essence of simplicity.

Let’s take that freshly baked baguette from your corner bakery, light and fluffy homemade ricotta, ambrosial truffle honey and pungent smoked salts and transform a simple dish into a celestial one.

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Food and Style - Avocado and Grilled Onion Tartines with Roasted Coriander-Lime Vinaigrette

The ingredients that top these little tartines are humble enough: red onions and avocados.

But drizzle them with a zingy vinaigrette of pungent roasted coriander, tangy lime juice, delicately flavored avocado oil and fiery cayenne… and watch these “common” ingredients come alive.

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Fresh fig crostini with bucheron and thyme

I’ve always had a weakness for fresh figs. When fully ripe, their flavor is absolutely sumptuous.

Figs are exquisite in desserts or simply eaten on their own, but they’re equally at home with savory foods, like these crostini. The contrast of the sweet figs with the pungent semi-aged goat cheese is sublime – an addictive finger food!

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