Bulgur and chickpeas with roasted tomatoes and grilled halloumi

Here’s a dish that isn’t just healthy – it’ll also make your mouth revel in chewing every delicious bite!
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Barley and basil pesto salad with sugar snap peas and heirloom cherry tomatoes

Basil pesto is always a favorite when served with pasta, but I find the iconic sauce to be incredibly versatile. Indeed, why stop at pasta?

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Risotto with blue cheese and pan-roasted scallions-chive-infused oil

This risotto is a blue cheese lover’s dream! Indeed, a soupçon of the potent cheese makes the creamy risotto even more luxurious… almost decadent, but not too rich. Just before serving, pan-roasted scallions are stirred in to add a marvelous sweetness to the dish as well as another layer of complexity. As a last touch, the risotto is drizzled with an emerald-colored chive-infused oil.

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Food and Style - Farro with Sweet Peas and Ricotta

It’s not easy to make whole grains taste light, or look sophisticated. Yet, they’re so satisfying – not to mention, good for us – that it’s certainly worth giving it a try.

As far as whole grains go, farro has been stealing the spotlight lately. Mostly grown in Italy, farro actually refers to several kinds of wheat – including emmer, einkorn and spelt – which have been cultivated in Europe since ancient times.

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Creamy butternut squash polenta with spicy wilted spinach

I love creating recipes that are both healthy and super-flavorful. And if they’re quick and easy to make as well, then I know I have a winner on my hands!

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