Fennel risotto with fennel-infused oil

This risotto is a celebration of the superb vegetable that is fennel… and I wanted to capture the essence of fennel in every possible way when I created this recipe.

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Farro with golden beets and wilted beet greens-homemade ricotta

I’ve always adored dark leafy greens, but I must say that beet greens are my most favorite of all. And that’s because they have such a delicate flavor and become so tender when wilted.

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Baked polenta with tomato sauce and crimini mushroom confit

Here’s a baked polenta that’s both robust and light. Indeed, the richly flavored tomato sauce and the hearty polenta make a substantial meal, but one that’s also easy to digest.

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Rice pilaf with broccoli, cauliflower, curry leaves and Garam Masala butter

This recipe always makes me feel like all is well with the world. Indeed, a bowlful of this super-flavorful pilaf is so satisfying that you can’t help but feel good all over.

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Farro with pan-roasted Brussels sprouts and pistachios

Here’s a dish that’s as healthy as it is scrumptious! Brussels sprouts are pan-roasted until they become deeply flavorful and sweet, then tossed with crunchy salted pistachios and deliciously earthy farro. Every bite of this dish is a joy!

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