Applewood-smoked mushroom sandwiches with Emmental

Who doesn’t love the smoky flavor of barbecue? In fact, the flavor that hardwood imparts to food is utterly irresistible… and that’s exactly what we’re after in this recipe! Applewood is the wood of choice here, because its smokiness is fairly mild (compared to the smokiness of other hardwoods like mesquite and hickory) and won’t overwhelm the flavor of the mushrooms. I also chose chips, instead of chunks of wood, because the mushrooms cook fairly quickly, so you don’t need the wood to smoke for very long.

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Open-face avocado hummus sandwich with pickled shallots and baby spinach

Here’s a sandwich that’s easy to assemble, healthy and quite spunky! Indeed, the pickled shallots bring a marvelous contrast to the creamy avocado hummus and the hefty whole-wheat pitas (which I love to use for this sandwich). Drizzled with avocado oil and dotted with baby spinach leaves, this sandwich is downright addictive.

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Avocado quesadillas with grape tomatoes and basil chiffonade

These quesadillas make a healthy and delicious meal for a quick weeknight dinner. The avocados are paired with deliciously nutty Fontina, which adds to their creaminess, and finely cubed red onions and jalapeños for a bit of contrast and spunk. The cherry tomatoes and basil that adorn the quesadillas bring a lovely acidity and freshness to the dish.

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Soft tacos with red pepper and sweet corn-roasted salsa verde

When I want to serve a weeknight meal that’s healthy and easy to prepare, I often turn to making soft tacos – they make a complete meal all on their own.

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Smoked provolone panini with tomato, avocado and basil

I don’t know why, but I’ve always found the taste of smoked cheese to be absolutely enchanting. So, I’m always dreaming up recipes where I can use this favorite food.

This is why smoky provolone found its way into today’s panini.

Smoked provolone is not as potent as some other smoked cheeses (like smoked Gouda for example). Its delicate smokiness is incredibly pleasing. And it doesn’t overwhelm the other ingredients in this sandwich: the balance of flavors is just right.

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