Buffalo mozzarella and spicy kale panini on ciabatta rolls

Spicy sautéed kale and Buffalo mozzarella, melted right into the spongy ciabatta rolls, make for a simple but sublime panini. Grated parmesan is added for a touch of savoriness. These sandwiches are super-easy to assemble, and even easier to wolf down! Serve them with this succulent coleslaw with collard greens, kohlrabi and apple.

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Open-face avocado hummus sandwich with pickled shallots and baby spinach

Here’s a sandwich that’s easy to assemble, healthy and quite spunky! Indeed, the pickled shallots bring a marvelous contrast to the creamy avocado hummus and the hefty whole-wheat pitas (which I love to use for this sandwich). Drizzled with avocado oil and dotted with baby spinach leaves, this sandwich is downright addictive.

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Avocado quesadillas with grape tomatoes and basil chiffonade

These quesadillas make a healthy and delicious meal for a quick weeknight dinner. The avocados are paired with deliciously nutty Fontina, which adds to their creaminess, and finely cubed red onions and jalapeños for a bit of contrast and spunk. The cherry tomatoes and basil that adorn the quesadillas bring a lovely acidity and freshness to the dish.

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Grilled cheese sandwiches with wilted spinach and Emmental

These grilled cheese sandwiches are nothing less than sinful! Crispy on the outside and oozing with a mellow Emmental and melt-in-your-mouth spinach on the inside; they’re perfect for lunch, a light dinner or anytime you need a pick-me-up.

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Soft tacos with red pepper and sweet corn-roasted salsa verde

When I want to serve a weeknight meal that’s healthy and easy to prepare, I often turn to making soft tacos – they make a complete meal all on their own.

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