Chilled sweet corn soup with coconut milk

This chilled soup captures the essence of sweet summer corn in the most magnificent way – it’s as pure as can be, and all about the corn. And the coconut milk, which is the base for the soup, accentuates the sweetness of the corn even more and makes the soup smooth and velvety.

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Chilled sweet pea soup with herbed-orzo salad and chive blossoms

This chilled pea soup can be made with frozen peas at any time of the year… but when the spring season kicks in and you can get your hands on just-picked sweet peas, it becomes a revelation! The flavors and sweetness of the peas simply jump out of the pot.

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Spring minestrone with green vegetables and pearl barley-scallion pesto

This soup looks and tastes as green as a spring day! Light, vibrant and massively flavorful, it is both hearty and refined. The pearl barley gives the soup a bit of heft, while the green vegetables, barely cooked, add a marvelous crunch and freshness… but what makes this soup uniquely flavorful is the scallion pesto, stirred into it just before serving.

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Beet soup with orange crème fraîche and beet chips

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that was certainly the case when I came up with this recipe. Having had a few technical snafus with videotaping this spicy beet-green crostini recipe, I ended up with over two dozen big, beautiful beet roots. And although there are loads of delicious recipes on this site with beets, there’s always room for one more!

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Tuscan kale and cannellini bean soup with garlic crostini

A bowl of this soup is a bowl of comfort – and a healthy bowl of comfort to boot! Loaded with chewy kale and creamy beans, the soup is amazingly flavorful thanks to the stock, the bouquet garni and the puréed tomatoes that make up its base.

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