Blackcurrant cocktail with coconut water and burnt lemon peel

Here’s a refreshing, colorful and absolutely mouthwatering concoction… The coconut water, which is superb with the tequila and blackcurrant liqueur, gives this cocktail an exotic flavor. Plus, the burnt lemon peels make a lovely garnish and bring a touch of smokiness to the drink.

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Honeydew and Mezcal margarita with chipotle syrup

Mezcal could be described as Tequila’s “smoky sister”. Both spirits are made with the piña (or heart) of the agave plant, and the distilling process is the same. But for Mezcal, the piñas are cooked in underground pit ovens, a method that gives Mezcal its seductive smoky flavor.

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Sometimes, simple is best.

Today’s cocktail is a basic margarita recipe, but it’s spiked with sweet, tart nectarine purée – simple yet incredibly luscious.

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I had other plans for the fragrant watermelon I’d bought at the farmers’ market last Sunday, but Kate Bush’s song “Eat the music” inspired me to make a sinfully delicious cocktail, one that is sure to make your taste buds sing…

I also thought the watermelon would be its usual seductive pink color, but it turned out to be deep-yellow — and, I might add, super-sweet!

The idea of garnishing the rim with more than just salt happened as I was making my first trial — it was a fluke! I found myself stirring into my sugar-salt mixture a bit of smoky chipotle powder. The result? As you put your nose in the glass to take your first sip you get a whiff of smokiness — an unbelievable counterpoint to the sweet aroma of the watermelon!

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