Most people can confidently pair wines with seafood, meat or pasta – but pairing wines with salads can put even an avid wine drinker in a quandary.

If you are stumped about what wine to serve with your salad, you’ll be pleased to know that many wines lend themselves beautifully to this more-often-than-not underappreciated course.

To me salads are an essential part of a daily diet. I cannot let a day go by without devouring a huge bowl of fresh greens, and you can be certain that I always pour a lovely wine to sip between voracious mouthfuls.

The salad that I serve most often, if not every day, is a leafy-green salad that’s always exciting because I make it with a wide array of seasonal greens. I serve it with either a classic aged balsamic vinaigrette or a more spunky mustard vinaigrette.

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