Muddled tangerine-rosemary fizz

What would winter be without the fresh, tangy, perfumed citrus fruits? I can’t even imagine! And tangerines are one of winter’s greatest culinary gifts. Indeed, the delectable fruits are exceptionally sweet and aromatic.

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Blackcurrant cocktail with coconut water and burnt lemon peel

Here’s a refreshing, colorful and absolutely mouthwatering concoction… The coconut water, which is superb with the tequila and blackcurrant liqueur, gives this cocktail an exotic flavor. Plus, the burnt lemon peels make a lovely garnish and bring a touch of smokiness to the drink.

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Smoky mulled cider with chipotle and Islay single malt Scotch

Old World meets New World in every sip of this exuberant mulled cider. The peaty aromas of Islay Scotch whiskies find their match here in the smoky, spicy chipotle pepper… the combination gives you a mulled cider that’s brimming with smoky notes, but also boasts a bit of heat! Of course, there are other wonderful spices in there, too. Cardamom, cinnamon and cloves round off the flavors and add layers of deliciousness to this most exhilarating cocktail.

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Beet Bellini with pickled ginger

Beets might be a vegetable, but they are inherently sweet and lend themselves marvelously to this Bellini. Here red beetroots are juiced and then mixed with ginger liqueur, fresh ginger juice and Prosecco to make a most dazzling cocktail. The garnish of the pickled ginger only makes this Bellini more enticing.

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Bourbon Sidecar with lemon bitters

I’ve always loved cooking with spirits. Indeed, a dash of Cognac, Bourbon, Tequila or fruit liqueur – just to name a few – can transform a dish, delivering heaps of flavor and depth in every spoonful. But now and then I love to indulge in a good cocktail too… and the Sidecar has always been a favorite. In this version, I substitute a smoky Bourbon for the Cognac, giving the classic cocktail a taste of the New World. Plus, it gets a flavor boost with aromatic bitters.

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