Watermelon salad with pan-roasted shishito peppers and feta

Sweet, cool watermelon and salty feta is a winning combination… but add roasted shishito peppers (a Japanese heirloom pepper) to the mix, and you’ve got a positively addictive salad. Plus, the colorful salad is drizzled with a tangy lime vinaigrette that keeps all the flavors in check. It’s then garnished with tender, aromatic fennel fronds.

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Classic coleslaw with black mustard seeds and Greek yogurt dressing
Here’s a coleslaw that’s made with the classic ingredients: cabbage, carrots and scallions. But the addition of the black mustard seeds and the super-light Greek yogurt dressing make it a keeper. A perfect side for all your favorite summer foods… like sandwiches and burgers!

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Corn on the cob with sumac butter

Corn on the cob is one of the best things about the summer season – especially when the corn is super-sweet and juicy. And to get that kind of corn, I make a biweekly trip to a local farm where the corn is picked several times a day – thus ensuring its absolute freshness! In fact, the corn is so fresh and tender that I usually serve it on its own, seasoned with a little salt and homemade butter. But, now and then, I like to dress it up a bit and serve it with this sumac butter. Savory and a little lemony, this butter makes eating corn on the cob an even more wonderful treat.

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Barley and basil pesto salad with sugar snap peas and heirloom cherry tomatoes

Basil pesto is always a favorite when served with pasta, but I find the iconic sauce to be incredibly versatile. Indeed, why stop at pasta?

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Provencal zucchini gratin

One of the reasons I love Provençal cooking so much is that vegetables never take a back seat. They are an integral part (I would even say the cornerstone!) of Provençal cuisine. They’re treated with great respect, cooked in an uncomplicated manner, and always taste fabulous.

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