Ravines Chardonnay 2008

Ravines Wine Cellars is a Finger Lakes treasure. In the hands of its owner, the talented winemaker Morten Hallgren, Ravines has been making its mark on the region ever since the winery’s birth in 2000.

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Apple-pear crisp with macadamia crumb and Calvados chantilly

Apples and pears are delicious on their own, but together, they’re superb. Here, the crunchy, tart apples mingle with the soft, sweet pears making every mouthful of this crisp irresistibly luscious.

The macadamia crumb that adorns the fruits brings a rich and delightful crunch, while the Calvados Chantilly spikes things up a bit and makes this comforting dessert as grown-up as can be.

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Autumn harvest salad

Raw apples are stunning in salads – they’re crunchy, not too sweet and delightfully refreshing. They add an addictive crispness to anything they’re tossed with.

But oven-roast the slices before adding them to your favorite greens and you have a whole new way to experience your apples!

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Fresh fig crostini with bucheron and thyme

I’ve always had a weakness for fresh figs. When fully ripe, their flavor is absolutely sumptuous.

Figs are exquisite in desserts or simply eaten on their own, but they’re equally at home with savory foods, like these crostini. The contrast of the sweet figs with the pungent semi-aged goat cheese is sublime – an addictive finger food!

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If you think cucumbers are boring, this drink will make you reconsider your position!

Here, unpeeled cucumbers (which give the cocktail its deep green hue) are puréed with mint and tarragon to make an ambrosial juice. The purée is then strained, and the resulting juice is shaken with Hendrick’s gin and elderflower liqueur until ice cold.

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