Roasted butternut squash tart with Taleggio and walnuts

Made with puff pastry, this tart is a real showpiece, yet it’s incredibly easy to whip up. You can even assemble the tart ahead of time and refrigerate it – when you’re ready to serve it, just pop it in the oven. This makes it an ideal dish for any dinner or cocktail party, leaving you free to focus on pouring drinks or chatting with your guests.

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Avocado quesadillas with grape tomatoes and basil chiffonade

These quesadillas make a healthy and delicious meal for a quick weeknight dinner. The avocados are paired with deliciously nutty Fontina, which adds to their creaminess, and finely cubed red onions and jalapeños for a bit of contrast and spunk. The cherry tomatoes and basil that adorn the quesadillas bring a lovely acidity and freshness to the dish.

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Winter scramble with shiitake, fingerling potatoes and chard

This satisfying scramble is the perfect weekend breakfast food, but it’s so scrumptious that I often crave it for a simple weekday dinner, my mouth salivating in anticipation as I cook at the stove.

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Grilled cheese sandwich with garlic confit and baby arugula

What is it about melted cheese? Just about anything oozing with melted cheese tastes delicious – like melted mozzarella on a flatbread pizza; sweet, nutty asiago in a luscious mac & cheese; or earthy fontina in an unbearably sinful fondue with chipotle and tequila.

But perhaps the simplest recipe – the most adored of all – is the grilled cheese sandwich. When prepared with a crusty bread and stuffed with a cheese that melts to perfection, it is essentially irresistible.

Here, this beloved sandwich takes on a gourmet twist. The secret ingredient: garlic confit!

When garlic is gently poached in olive oil, it becomes sweet, with a subtle flavor. The cloves become so soft that you can spread them on your toast – or in this case, in your grilled cheese sandwich.

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