I had other plans for the fragrant watermelon I’d bought at the farmers’ market last Sunday, but Kate Bush’s song “Eat the music” inspired me to make a sinfully delicious cocktail, one that is sure to make your taste buds sing…

I also thought the watermelon would be its usual seductive pink color, but it turned out to be deep-yellow — and, I might add, super-sweet!

The idea of garnishing the rim with more than just salt happened as I was making my first trial — it was a fluke! I found myself stirring into my sugar-salt mixture a bit of smoky chipotle powder. The result? As you put your nose in the glass to take your first sip you get a whiff of smokiness — an unbelievable counterpoint to the sweet aroma of the watermelon!

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"Eat the music" food series

September 18, 2009

It all started one Sunday evening, sitting on our porch and relaxing – a rare moment for both Marc (my husband) and me. Since we’re both entrepreneur types, we always seem to be working round-the-clock.

That afternoon, I’d been poking around in the garden and saw that my zucchini plants had finally produced enough blossoms so that I could harvest a whole bowl of them. I knew then what would be on the menu: pan-fried zucchini flowers served with a scrumptious tomato coulis to dip them in. We settled down with two chilled kirs and eagerly started munching on the fritters.

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