Soufflé omelet with Robiola and sautéed ramps

Ramps are one of spring’s most wonderful rewards—indeed, these wild leeks are some of the first shoots to poke out of the ground after winter’s thaw. The whimsical little vegetables resemble scallions, but with wide, flat leaves…their flavor, however, doesn’t resemble that of any other member of the onion family. Ramps can best be described as a cross between green onions and garlic, but there’s a wildness to them that’s hard to pin down.

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Spinach Tortilla with Pine Nuts

This classic Spanish omelet is a recipe that deserves a place in any cook’s repertoire.

The caramelized onion is utterly delicious, making a beautiful contrast with the richness of the eggs – while the vibrant spinach lightens the whole dish and the sautéed pine nuts contribute their luxurious nuttiness.

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Tomato frittata with fresh herbs

This summery frittata is packed with wonderful flavors. Thyme, oregano and parsley impart their exquisite aromatics, while the tomatoes keep the frittata deliciously moist.

A perfect dish to make when tomatoes are at their peak!

Rose wine iconServe a dry rosé with this frittata – it’ll be superb! Although just about any rosé would work well with this dish, I especially love to pour a rosé from Italy made with either Lagrein or Sangiovese grapes.

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