Fresh chickpea fettuccine with lemon sauce and honey-roasted cherry tomatoes

Spaghetti al limone has always been one of my favorite pastas. I love its exuberance and simplicity. But I can never resist putting my own spin on the classics… C’est plus fort que moi (I can’t help it)!

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Cavatelli with fava beans and ramp pesto

Ramp pesto is pretty special… after all, you can only enjoy it when ramps are in season, and that’s only for a few short weeks every spring. So this recipe had to be special, too… highlighting the delicious pesto as much as possible. And for that, the recipe needed to be unfussy, yet I wanted it to be totally luxurious.

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Popcorn with rosemary butter and Parmesan

Movie night is a big event in our house, especially after a busy workweek. And the evening is never complete without a bowl of homemade popcorn!

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Shaved fennel salad with roasted radicchio and white truffle oil

Crunchy fennel, sliced so thin it becomes delicate, and bold-tasting roasted radicchio wedges make for a superb combination. Top the whole thing with savory Parmesan shavings and white truffle oil, and you’ve got a mouthwatering salad!

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Soupe au Pistou-Provençal vegetable soup with basil sauce

Soupe au pistou is the Provençal version of minestrone. And like its Italian cousin, it looks (and tastes) like an entire vegetable patch landed in your bowl! Indeed, there are very few dishes with such exuberant aromas and colors – every spoonful infused with the flavors of the sun-drenched Provençal country side.

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