Poached eggs with shiitake mushrooms and white truffle creamMushrooms. This is what comes to mind when I think about my beloved friend Sky Pape.

Mushrooms. That’s what Sky orders whenever we manage to steal a little time away from our hectic lives to have dinner together. Whether it be roasted portobello mushrooms tossed in a salad, porcini mingling with fresh pasta, or flatbreads adorned with wild mushrooms and aged cheeses, if mushrooms are on the menu, I know that’s what she’s ordering.

Sky is an extraordinary artist. For her latest drawings, Water Works: Surface Tension, she worked on the floor and blew ink through tubes and funnels onto handmade papers from Japan, Korea and Nepal. Sky “breathes life” into each drawing to create “forms and lines that divulge our connectedness with nature, a reminder of our shared fragility.”

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