Quinoa tabbouleh with pickled asparagus and tangelos

This salad, a spring version of the traditional tabbouleh, explodes with fresh flavors! First the parsley and mint – used generously here, as they should be with all tabbouleh – make the taste buds come alive, while the pickled asparagus adds quite a bit of punch. The sweet, skinless tangelo slices contribute their vibrant flavor as well as a bit of sweetness, and the quinoa tames all those vibrant flavors with its delicious nuttiness.

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Coleslaw with collard greens-kohlrabi and apple

Here’s a coleslaw that’s perfect for spring, fall and winter, when collard greens abound! The robust leaves, cut en chiffonade, become tender and even succulent. Tossed with julienned kohlrabi and apple, and a light-but-creamy lemon dressing, this coleslaw is zesty and refreshing – a perfect accompaniment to any of these sandwiches!

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Watercress and radish salad with smashed avocados and lime vinaigrette

Watercress loves cool weather and a steady supply of water. If given these conditions, it’ll thrive and grow tender, sweet shoots with a slight peppery flavor. Of course, you can purchase watercress from your grocery store all year long, but in the spring you might find locally grown watercress (or even wild watercress!). And if you’re lucky enough to find such watercress, it’ll be a revelation to your taste buds.

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Shaved fennel salad with roasted radicchio and white truffle oil

Crunchy fennel, sliced so thin it becomes delicate, and bold-tasting roasted radicchio wedges make for a superb combination. Top the whole thing with savory Parmesan shavings and white truffle oil, and you’ve got a mouthwatering salad!

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Kale chopped salad with pan-roasted Portobello and Parmesan-sesame crisps

Kale leaves are a bit tough to eat raw, but chop them up and they suddenly become tender! Here the chopped kale is tossed with pan-roasted Portobello mushrooms that have also been cut in small pieces – thus infusing every forkful of the salad with their robust flavor. The salad is then topped with savory bits of Parmesan and black sesame crisp.

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