Parmesan tart dough

For the last 25 years, my food processor has been one of my most trusted and reliable kitchen tools. Attempting to cook without it is truly debilitating. This beloved kitchen whiz is great for making sauces like pesto, liquefying soups or coulis, and slicing pounds of carrots in a flash… but it’s also a magic tool for making the most perfect dough for tarts and quiches.

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Leek tart with cured olives and aged Gruyère
Making savory tarts requires a bit of patience and an unhurried stint in the kitchen, but they are well worth the effort. To me tarts are a sophisticated comfort food that’s totally irresistible and one that I love spending time crafting.

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Butternut squash is a close relative to the sugar pumpkin, and its delicate flavor and creamy texture make for the most delicious pie filling. So why not make it into an elegant tart? The Cointreau highlights the butternut squash’s inherent citrus notes and the buttery pine nut dough makes every bite of this tart melt in your mouth!

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