Food styling: Appetizer spoons make for striking and tasty morsels!

Appetizer spoons

Almost anything can be served in these stylish appetizer spoons: a mouthful of chilled soup, creamy ricotta topped with seasonal veggies and a drizzle of olive oil or a lovely avocado salsa.

No matter the occasion, these appetizer spoons will make for a gorgeous spread.

Appetizer spoons

Here are five recipes that are perfect for the spoons.

Avocado salsa with pan-roasted cumin
Place a spoonful of the super-flavorful salsa in each spoon. Top with an herb sprig or a crunchy tortilla chip.

Cucumber linguini with fresh mint and fried capers
Place a small amount of the cucumber linguini in each spoon. Top with a tomato half and a few capers.

Chilled cucumber soup with yogurt and fresh mint
Pour a small amount of the soup in each spoon. Garnish with a few tomato cubes and drizzle with a couple drops of olive oil (a squeeze bottle is perfect for that job!).

Roasted asparagus with burrata, Tahitian lime oil and sorrel chiffonade
Place a small amount of the creamy burrata cheese in each spoon. Top with an asparagus tip. garnish with a few strips of the sorrel chiffonade and drizzle with a couple drops of the lime-infused oil – absolutely scrumptious!

Strawberry sorbet with Grand Marnier
What about serving a refreshing nibble for a change? Place small scoops of sorbet in the spoons. Garnish with a thin slice of strawberry and a tiny mint leaf, or a few strips of mint leaves cut en chiffonade.

Appetizer spoons


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