Sweet corn salad with shiitake mushrooms and roasted walnuts

This salad is all about the deliciousness of sweet summer corn

But it also builds a bridge towards the fall season. Here the sweet corn is tossed with deeply flavorful, almost meaty mushrooms. We’ll also add roasted walnuts for another layer of savory flavor, in addition to their nuttiness.

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Bulgur and chickpeas with roasted tomatoes and grilled halloumi

Here’s a dish that isn’t just healthy – it’ll also make your mouth revel in chewing every delicious bite!
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Roasted tomatoes with garlic and lemon thyme

When the season is in full force and tomatoes abound, I love to make these oven-roasted tomatoes. It’s a wonderful departure from regular tomato sauce and it makes for a very adaptable, yet delicious, condiment.
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Grilled avocados with tomato-basil salsa

Avocados are spectacular fruits that lend themselves to all kinds of savory dishes (and sweet ones too!). But it’s not often we think of enjoying them grilled.

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Fresh fig and melon salad with mizuna and smoky cashews

Mizuna is one of my favorite salad greens: the delicate, lacy leaves are not only beautiful; they also have a mild peppery bite that makes them a wonderful substitute for arugula.

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