Scrambled eggs with chives and Chanterelles

These French-style scrambled eggs are the creamiest, most luxurious eggs you’ll ever eat! The secret? Cooking them in a double boiler at a slow simmer. This dish is actually extremely simple, and so is the list of ingredients. But when you make it with care and use farm-fresh eggs and just-picked Chanterelles, it’ll transport you to heavenly realms.

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Broccoli and clothbound cheddar torta

A torta (not to be confused with a tortilla, which is an omelet) is the Spanish version of a crustless quiche, although it’s a bit lighter. It is easy to prepare, looks like a showpiece, and of course, it’s marvelously delicious.

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Frittata with fingerling potatoes and roasted tomatoes

This humble frittata is so delicious and satisfying that you don’t need to wait for Sunday brunch to indulge. Indeed, it makes for a wonderful light dinner!

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Goat cheese soufflés with fresh thyme and lemon

Whether you’re making a sweet soufflé or a savory one, the occasion is always memorable. For some reason, these light-as-air treats lift your mood as soon as they pop out of the oven… especially if you’ve been worried sick about them rising at all!

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Poached eggs with sautéed greens

I can’t think of a breakfast fare my husband, Marc, and I relish more than these poached eggs with sautéed greens. I often make this dish on Sunday mornings, in the fall and winter, when I can still harvest mustard greens or Swiss chard from our veggie garden.

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