One of the things that excites me the most is to take a humble vegetable and turn it into something exquisite.

Like… a simple radish.

Most of us are very familiar with the cheerful little bulbs. Round and bright red, they can be found on the shelves of every grocery store, year-round. Radishes are mostly eaten raw, in salads or on their own; their leafy tops are usually thrown away without a second thought.

But this unassuming little root has so much more to offer. Not only do the bulbs turn sweet and nutty when roasted; their leafy tops make the most delicious cooked greens. It only takes a mouthful of this radish-top soup and a bite of the fennel-roasted roots to be a convert.

The common radish works beautifully in this recipe. But if you want to experience a truly fabulous radish, then take the time to browse your local farmers’ market or farm stand. There are many varieties available these days—radishes come in all sizes, shapes and colors, with flavors ranging from crisp and sweet to a little hot and tangy.

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