Mac & cheese with sautéed kale and fresh goat cheese-torn croutons

No matter how you style it, macaroni and cheese is always a hit – a dish filled with comfort and goodness. And this mac & cheese is no exception! It is deliciously creamy (although not rich!), thanks to the crumbled fresh goat cheese. It’s also earthy, with bites of sautéed kale sprinkled throughout. And it has an amazing texture – the pasta is topped with torn croutons that acquire a fabulous crunch while baking. But the pasta itself, giant tubes called Penne Rigate Regine, also bring a fantastic texture, as well as being loads of fun to eat.

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Who doesn’t love Caesar salad? I haven’t met anyone yet… And it’s been a favorite of mine ever since my college days in California. Back then (do I dare mention it was in the early eighties!) any trendy restaurant would assemble it right at your table. The waiter would arrive with his arsenal and furiously whip an egg to make the dressing. Going out for dinner and not ordering one was inconceivable!

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