Cauliflower purée with parmesan and thyme

Cauliflower purée with parmesan and thyme

Few recipes are as easy to make – not to mention as low in calories – as this cauliflower purée. Gently boiled in milk with a bundle of fresh thyme, the cauliflower acquires a delicate flavor and silky texture. With just over 100 calories per serving, this recipe is as […]

Maple-glazed Brussels sprouts with chestnuts

Maple-glazed pan-roasted Brussels sprouts with chestnuts

These perfectly shaped petit cabbages are irresistible when pan-roasted. Sweet, nutty and slightly crunchy, they’re intensely flavorful tiny packages. But when you add a drop of maple syrup to the pan, their sweetness gets intensified, making them even more delectable. Roasted with whole chestnuts, the Brussels sprouts acquire an earthy […]

Watermelon radish

Slow-roasted radish roots with fennel

If you want to experience a truly fabulous radish, then take the time to browse your local farmers’ market or farm stand. There are many varieties available these days – radishes come in all sizes, shapes and colors, with flavors ranging from crisp and sweet to a little hot and […]