Spring radishes with homemade cultured butter and fleur de sel

Spring radishes with homemade cultured butter and fleur de sel

Raw radishes and butter – a perfect pairing

When I was a child, the preferred way to eat radishes was with a dollop of sweet butter and a sprinkle of salt – that simple! But back then I never had radishes served with homemade cultured butter – which, needless to say, makes the dish absolutely memorable.

Serve this delicious radish appetizer the next time you have company over, and watch everyone dig in!

Pick fresh, young radishes (preferably different kinds) and serve them on a large platter with the butter and fleur de sel on the side… and let everyone dig in! I find it a most congenial way to eat the snappy roots. In fact, for some reason, I’ve noticed that sharing food from the same platter makes everyone instantly relax.

This is still my favorite way to eat just-picked spring radishes!

Food & wine pairing: Northern Italy, Arneis with spring radishes and homemade cultured butter

White wine iconRadishes have a wonderful fresh flavor and crisp texture, but they also have a bit of heat to them, and the wine needs to go with these elements. An aromatic white wine that’s not too acidic is best. And the full-bodied, fruit-scented Arneis from Northern Italy meets all these requirements. Plus it is superb with the butter and fleur de sel!

Homemade cultured butter

Spring radishes with homemade cultured butter and fleur de sel

serves 4
active time: 10 min

  1. 1 bunch assorted young radishes (12 to 14 radishes) – thoroughly washed and leaves left intact
  2. homemade cultured butter (or unsalted butter)
  3. fleur de sel

  1. For small radishes, cut the root in half through the leaves, so that every radish half has some green tops still attached. For large radishes, quarter them instead in the same fashion. Arrange the radishes on a large platter and place a pot of homemade cultured butter and fleur de sel next to them. To eat the radishes, spread a bit of butter on each root and sprinkle with a bit of the fleur de sel. Enjoy!

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Spring radishes with homemade cultured butter and fleur de sel

hors d’oeuvres, radishes, homemade butter


  1. Well seems we both got radish fever at the same time. I never tried it like this, sounds so good. Anything with butter is good 😀

    • Thank you, Evelyne! I think “radish fever” is a good thing to suffer from! I’ll be planting some in my garden this weekend. Can hardly wait!

  2. Homemade butter must be good! I have never seen baby white radishes over here….red one is everywhere, but not the white variety..not even in our farmer market.

    • Hi Angie! Heirloom radishes are very big in the U.S. right now, even better grocery stores will carry them. They are so delicious! And if you have a garden, they’re very easy to grow too. Bon appétit!

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