Strawberry-balsamic jam

Strawberry Jam with balsamic

Local strawberries: nothing compares

This jam is best made with local strawberries from your farmers’ market, or with strawberries that you picked yourself at your local farm. Commercial strawberries (even the organic ones), with their firm shape and pale flesh, don’t even come close in flavor to local, seasonal berries.

Indeed, local strawberries are a different matter. The berries are small, bright red to the core, juicy, incredibly perfumed… in a word, a dream!

Making jam is easier than you think!

This old-fashioned strawberry jam (with no added pectin) is made by first macerating these local gems and then simmering them slowly until the mixture is jammy. This process concentrates the flavors, making every spoonful of this jam celestial!

The jam is delectable with fresh bread, croissants or these homemade almond scones. But it’s also quite stunning with fresh goat cheeses, brie and Parmesan.

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Strawberry-balsamic jam

makes 2 1/2 cups
active time: 45 min

  1. 2 lbs (905 g) hulled strawberries (6 cups) – small ones left whole, large ones cut in 1″ pieces
  2. 1 1/2 cups organic sugar
  3. 1″ piece fresh vanilla bean – split in half lengthwise
  4. 2 teaspoons aged Balsamic vinegar

  1. Step 1: Place the strawberries in a large heavy-bottomed pot. Add the sugar and vanilla bean, stir well and let sit at room temperature for 1 hour until the strawberries start to release their juices and the sugar has dissolved.
  2. Step 2: Place the pot over medium-high heat and bring the fruits to a boil. Once the mixture is boiling, reduce heat to medium/medium-low. Slow-simmer uncovered for 45 to 50 minutes until the juices have thickened, stirring from time to time. Coarsely mash the fruits, reduce heat to medium-low and simmer another 5 to 10 minutes until the fruits look jammy. As the mixture gets thicker, you will have to stir more frequently so the jam doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot. Now it’s time to start testing the jam for consistency: Place a spoonful of the jam on a small plate and place in the freezer for a few minutes until chilled. The juices should be like a loose jelly and the fruits should be thick. If the jam is too loose, then continue simmering while stirring continuously and test again until you achieve the desired consistency. Add the balsamic, stir well and simmer for a couple more minutes. Remove from heat, transfer to a bowl and cool to room temperature.
  3. Cook’s note: Refrigerate for up to 8 weeks. Serve the jam at room temperature.

Strawberries in white bowl

Viviane’s tip
  1. If you’re making a double batch of this recipe, you’ll need to double the ingredients as well as the cooking time. I don’t recommend making more than a double batch at a time, as the berries will cook for too long and lose their flavor. If you want to make this recipe in large quantities, it’s best to make it in separate pots.

Strawberry Jam with balsamic

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  3. Hello Viviane, your recipes are inspired!
    Nutrious, glamorous and quick to prepare with a minimum of fuss! Thanks for sharing, you have inspired me!

  4. Local strawberries are the best! Jam is one of the best ways to savor the berry season and this Strawberry jam with balsamic vinegar and vanilla is sublime!

  5. Way to early for strawberries here but yes love chunky strawberry lam. Balsamic is perfect for it. I once made ice cream with this very flavor profile. Great recipe Viviane.

  6. Bobby has been complaining for a month now that we are out of homemade jam and strawberry is one of his favorites. I do love the addition of the balsamic! Will be make this very soon! Thanks for sharing!

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  11. Local strawberries indeed are different…a lot juicier and sweeter.
    I love the add of balsamic in this berry jam.

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