Beet Bellini with pickled ginger

Beet bellini with pickled ginger

A gorgeous, creative cocktail for the holidays… or any special occasion

Beets might be a vegetable, but they are inherently sweet and lend themselves marvelously to this Bellini. Here red beetroots are juiced and then mixed with ginger liqueur, fresh ginger juice and Prosecco to make a most dazzling cocktail. The garnish of the pickled ginger only makes this Bellini more enticing.

Farm-fresh beets lend their natural sweetness, and the ginger juice and liqueur bring a little kick!

I highly recommend using the freshest beets you can find for this drink. The juice will be far more flavorful, and sweeter too… and since there’s no sugar or syrup added to this cocktail (except for the liqueur), every bit of the beet’s natural sweetness counts.

A luscious Bellini, filled with beet-y essence and zingy ginger, is truly something to celebrate… Cheers!

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Red beets

Beet bellini with pickled ginger

serves 6
active time: 30 min

  1. 3/4 teaspoon fresh ginger juice (from a 1″ piece of fresh ginger root)
  2. 1 1/2 oz (45 ml) pure red beet juice (see cook’s note)
  3. 1 1/2 oz (45 ml) ginger liqueur
  4. 3 tablespoons sliced pickled ginger – julienned
  5. 1 bottle Prosecco (750 ml)

  1. Peel the fresh ginger root and grate with a microplane grater. Squeeze the grated flesh between your fingers to extract the ginger juice, then discard the pulp. Place 1/2 teaspoon of the ginger juice, along with the beet juice and liqueur, in a shaker with large ice cubes. Shake until the mixture is well chilled. Place the julienned pickled ginger in the Champagne flutes. Fill each flute with the Prosecco and top with the beet juice mixture to taste. Serve immediately.
  2. Cook’s note: To make fresh beet juice, peel red beets and pass them through a juicer. 8 oz (225 g) of beets will yield 1/2 cup of juice (or 4 fluid ounces, 120 ml). If you don’t have a juicer, you can purchase fresh beet juice in health food stores.

Viviane’s tip
  1. The beet juice mixture tends to cause a lot of foaming when mixed with the Prosecco. So make sure to pour the Prosecco first and then top the glasses with the beet juice mixture – not the other way around.

Beet bellini with pickled ginger

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  1. I totally love the idea! Beet in cocktail…how fascinating!
    Happy Holidays to you, Viviane!

  2. With so much rich food during the holiday season the Beet Bellini with pickled ginger sounds so refreshing! An amazing cocktail!

  3. Gorgeous cocktail! I’m a huge fan of beets and this would be a marvelous way to get my fill. The color is just amazing.

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