Easy-to-make, gourmet latkes

Potato latkes with leeks

Latkes are one of the most delicious finger foods ever invented! The delectable little morsels are a staple of Hanukkah parties everywhere – but the truth is, they’re at home at any holiday party. In fact, they can even happily be served all year long.

Butternut squash latkes? Beet latkes? You bet!

As you’re about to see, the traditional Jewish potato pancake is also incredibly versatile. While the classic potato latke is always a winner, you can also make latkes with other ingredients — like butternut squash or beets.

Here are four colorful, creative latke recipes that’ll liven up your dinner parties. A bit of advice though: you’ll want to make plenty extra, because they disappear fast!

Learn to make latkes with none other than the wonderful actress – and my dear friend – Didi Conn!

If you want some hands-on guidance on how to make latkes, you’ll enjoy this fun video, featuring my special celebrity guest… the one and only Didi Conn (known to one and all as “Frenchy” from the film Grease)!

Cooking with Didi Conn: Potato latkes with leeks

Light, crisp and a little sweet (thanks to the pan-fried leeks), these latkes will be right at home on your Hanukkah table – or at any festive dinner party!

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Roasted beet latkes with scallion and cayenne crème fraîche

Beet latkes with scallion and cayenne crème fraîche

These bite-sized latkes are superb! The cayenne-spiced crème fraîche is perfect with the sweet, mellow beets.

Butternut squash latkes

Butternut squash and leek latkes with pan-roasted cumin

Because the squash is grated raw, the latkes remain light and slightly crunchy. Plus the pan-roasted cumin seeds add an exotic flair to these lovely morsels.

Potato latkes with apple confit and crispy sage

Potato latkes with apple confit and crispy sage

A modern take on the classic potato latke recipe. The potatoes are tossed with shallots for a delicate flavor and the apple confit brings a marvelous sweetness.

Didi Conn & Viviane Bauquet Farre

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