Lights, candles, latkes! How to throw an unforgettable Hanukkah dinner party

Rockland Magazine Cover - Hanukkah
Are you planning a Hanukkah party this year?

Take a look at my feature for the 2010 holiday issue of Rockland Magazine. In it, I share my thinking on how to blend a little tradition with a lot of glamour and make this year’s Festival of Lights your brightest one yet.

My mission is always to apply a little creativity to local, seasonal ingredients. This being a Hanukkah party, potato latkes are certainly on the menu – but with a gourmet twist. And, thinking seasonally of course, I created two other latkes as well: butternut squash-leek latkes with cumin for an exotic flair; and beet-scallion latkes with a cayenne-spiked crème fraîche.

No holiday party is complete without some bubbly – after all, what drink says celebration more than sparkling wine? For this party I’m serving two spectacular sparklers: The Blanc de Blancs from Lieb Family Cellars on the North Fork of Long Island; and the Brut Rosé from Graham Beck Winery in South Africa.

In this feature, I also share a few tips on creating a beautiful Hanukkah table.

So click on Lights, candles, latkes! and enjoy reading the full feature. May it inspire you to throw a glamorous Hanukkah party of your own.


Parmesan-fennel twists

Potato latkes with apple confit and crispy sage

Butternut squash and leek latkes with pan-roasted cumin

Roasted beet-scallion latkes with cayenne crème fraîche

Wine pairing

Pairing latkes with two stunning sparkling wines.

Rockland Magazine Cover - Hanukkah


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  2. I love these recipes! Great feature Viviane!!!! 🙂

  3. What a gorgeous post! I’ve never made latkes, these sure do sound divine and the glamour doesn’t hurt at all.

  4. It’s 9:41am on a Thursday and I am looking at your recipes. I want to stop working right now and make some of these delicious foods. My mouth is watering! Your photography is certainly unmatched, attention to detail is endless. Kudos to you Viviane.

  5. Shulie! Thank you for your comment… You know me, I’ve got to have a little glamour and style whenever possible!

  6. the crispy sage is a fantastic touch!

  7. Love your recipes!!! Check out our Hanuka party ideas at!

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  9. Hi Viviane, Got to have glamor with latkes! Love these versions especially the Butternut/lLeek & Potato latkes with apple confit and crispy sage. I also found some latkes bake well as well…but fried are awesome and capture the Chanukah spirit. Shulie

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